My Nashville Story

Story and Photos by David Crawt
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Saturday 28th February, morning to early evening

On Saturday morning, I awoke at my usual 06:30 a.m. However, this was no good since, locally, it was only 30 after midnight. It was no use getting up and finding Kebana & Val, they would just about be getting into their beds. So I decided to build up some sleep. Tonight was the night we would see James at 'The Bluebird' so I wanted to be wide-awake for that. I turned over and tried to sleep some more.

I got up around 05:45 local time and, soon after showering and dressing, Kebana called me on the telephone. We couldn't contact Val so decided to go ahead with breakfast without her.

After breakfast we decided to walk downtown. This must have been about 2 miles but the weather was good and it was an enjoyable stroll. We were going to catch a bus to the 'Opry Mills' shopping mall but nobody seemed to know where the bus departed from so we just checked out the local shops.

I was looking for a shirt with guitars on it and also a leather waistcoat. Kebana did not know what I meant by a waistcoat so I pointed one out to her. 'That's not a waistcoat', she said, 'That's a vest'. This was the first of many times that I was to come across differences between the 'English' language and the 'American English' language. I spotted a shirt but it wasn't quite what I was after and they didn't have my size in a waist...err...I mean vest.

Time was moving on so we started to make our way back to the hotel. A bus came by so we caught it to save the strain on our legs.

When we got back to the hotel Kebana spotted a lady with an ice cream and we both agreed that we'd like to have one of those. So it was off around the corner to 'Maggie Moo's' (I think that's what it was called) for a tasty ice cream and trimmings.

Val arrived and, soon after, Lisa, Judy & Wes walked into the foyer. We arranged to meet later in the room that Lisa had reserved. This was the first time that I'd met Lisa & Wes but I've known Judy for some years.

Lisa had done a great job with the room. There was food, drink and memorabilia. Also, a T.V. showing videos of films that James was in and T.V. shows of 'Bread' and 'The Remingtons'.

It wasn't long before Mr. Griffin arrived. He spent a lot of time with us, signed many items and posed for photos. This was the first time Val & Kebana had met James and they were loving it. Two more fans, Ruthie & Yogi put in an appearance.

After James left, I decided that it would be wise to go to my bed for a while. It was around 5 p.m. local time but my body was telling me it was 11. So I asked the Ladies to call me in a couple of hours so that we could meet up and set off for our evening at 'The Bluebird'........

Judy Donofrio, James Griffin, Lisa Formica, David Crawt, Val Winters & Kebana Reed

James & new shirt

Judy & James

Judy & James

James & Kebana

James & Val

Kebana & Val

Judy, Val, Lisa & Kebana


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